A poem about houses


Bless is your house as you move in,
Bless is your house as you walk around,
Bless is your house as you cook and wash,
Bless is your house as you take a rest,
Bless is your house as visitors come and go,
Bless is your house as you switch off at night,
Bless is your house every day and night.


~ Enitan Onikoyi

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Here’s to a financial increase in 2012

Looking good ….

Sue Tells Em!

The number of housing markets showing measurable improvement expanded by 29 metros in February to include a total of 98 markets listed on the Improving Markets Index published monthly by First American and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Thirty-six states are now represented by at least one market on the list.

The index tracks those housing markets that are showing signs of improvement in overall economic health, based on growth in employment, home price appreciation, and increases in single-family housing permits. The index identifies metropolitan areas that have shown improvement in each of these three areas for at least six consecutive months.

The 29 metros added to the index in February include:
Napa, California
Deltona, Florida
Miami, Florida
North Port, Florida
Tampa, Florida
Augusta, Georgia
Shreveport, Louisiana
Boston, Massachusetts
Springfield, Massachusetts
Cumberland, Maryland
Lewiston, Maine
Detroit, Michigan
Duluth, Minnesota
Rochester, Minnesota
Jefferson City, Missouri
Kansas City, Missouri

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social media world

You hear the term “social media”. You see the icons everywhere with the “f” or the “tweety bird” on them. You read the words “Follow Us” here. What does all of that mean?

It means that this is a social media world. It is the next generation of old school marketing. If you own a business and it doesn’t have a social media presence, you’re probably missing out.  Here, at Koch Homes, we try our best to make sure that we are available across a multi-platform social media  … AND we even sometimes have special offers or promotions available solely through these outlets. In fact, there may just be a BIG one coming soon! : )

Stay connected with us here:
Our website

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Koch Homes is ON FIRE

Koch Homes is ready to give you some of our “fire” …

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Shipley’s Crossing!

Wait ’til you see what Shipley’s Crossing has in store for you ….


The Choice is Yours!! Click here to see it.

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Koch Homes on video …


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Energy Efficient Homes

Our Energy Efforts

Today’s home needs to be energy efficient and cost effective

Koch Homes has gone to great lengths to make sure that our homes, as well as our communities, have been “green” since our inception.  In fact, before the term “green living” was en vogue, it was a priority for us.  Our president himself goes out into each new community before it even becomes a community in order to be absolutely certain that we are being as environmentally conscious as we possibly can be.  Everything from the beautiful, lush landscaping that we provide at our entrances to the very homes, themselves, are meant to be a part of a green, energy efficient, thriving, lovely community for you, your family and your city or town.

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Happy *2012*

Wishing you a wonderful 2012 filled with lots of happiness “somewhere over the rainbow”

From: Koch Homes

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Say it isn’t so!

From November 25, 2011 until December 31, 2011*


Bridgewater  (http://www.kochhomes.com/community/bridgewater-carvel-beach.htm) –  Lot 5, 33
Five Buoys
  (http://www.kochhomes.com/community/five-bouys.htm) – Lot 4
Gibson’s Grant  (http://www.kochhomes.com/community/gibsons-grant.htm) – Lot 261
Blair  (http://www.kochhomes.com/pdf/KochCo-Op-Flyer.pdf) –  Lot 2
Shipley’s Crossing NORTH  (http://www.kochhomes.com/community/shipleys-crossing-north.htm) –  Lot 50, 52


*This incentive does NOT apply to contracts negotiated and ratified prior to November 25, 2011.
**This incentives only applied to “Qualified Inventory Homes”.

This could be you…

Click here to read our promotional piece from The Baltimore Sun

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